Akhlaq Ahmed; The Pride of Pakistan

One of the most well-known singers of Pakistan, late Akhlaq Ahmed has given many hit melodies to Lollywood like “Sawan aye sawan jaye” and “Na sona Na Chandni”. Indeed he was one of the most respectable singers of the Pakistani Industry.

He was born in Delhi and started off his career as a stage singer in the 1960s in Karachi, where he was a member of a famous singing group with two other legendary artists, Masood Rana and Nadeem. With approximately 300 songs to his credit, his voice was highly renowned in the industry.

Akhlaq Ahmed

According to a recent interview conducted with his son, we get to know Akhlaq Ahmed’s story of his first recording. According to his son, the man had a very close friend who worked at the Pakistan International Airline, who had some close contacts and got him an audition. The first ever song sung by Akhlaq Ahmed was Sawan aye Sawan jaye composed by the famous Robin Ghosh. The song was a block buster and from here started the journey for this exceptionally artistic man.

His first ever film song was Raastey ka Patthar, a track from the movie with the same title. Akhlaq Ahmed won the Nigar Award for the best singer eight times (three times in a row), his unique voice was prodigious which could never go unnoticed by many Composers, hence the number of songs he has sung.

Strictly speaking, Akhlaq was an ordinary man and a very supportive father, though a little strict, as his son tells. He was a very devoted man and his ability to devote stanch attention to his job brought him hordes of success. He always sang with understanding and depth and cast his fans in an intricate spell that lasted even after the song ended. I could safely say that his voice was a flawless and beautiful creation of God.

Unfortunately, Akhlaq spent the last few years of his life fighting the terrible disease of blood cancer. His wife, an employee at PIA admitted him at a hospital in London. She was indeed a fearless and valiant lady who stood by her spouse, steadfast in even the hardest of times.

At the time of his demise, Akhlaq was 53 years old, his son was in his late teens by then. It was 4th of August, 1999 when this great voice of Pakistan was silenced.

At an interview with The Diplomat, Afaq Ahmed, Akhlaq’s son said few things about his father.

“He was very down to Earth, would always talk to his fans and never had a “star” attitude.”

Akhlaq Ahmed, not only adored our hearts with his heartwarming voice, but also taught us a lesson before leaving the world. When things get tough, you have to believe in yourself and hang in there, along with your loved ones because they are the ones who’d give you strength. Eventually things get better.

Today on his sixteenth death anniversary, we pay tribute to the prodigious voice and personality of this man. He may not be with us today physically, but he would always be cherished in all of our hearts. After all he is our nation’s pride.