Nazia Hassan – Lawyer Turned Singer

There can possibly be nobody who would say he hasn’t heard ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’, ‘Disco Deewanay’, ‘Camera Camera’ and ‘Dosti’. Nazia Hasan, with her singing skills, elegance and cuteness; has achieved her dream of spreading melody. She started singing at the age of 15 and achieved milestones one after the other for the rest of her life (on the contrary, 15 year old girls these days are getting makeovers for upcoming Halloween parties). However, Nazia with her brother Zohaib Hasan has represented Pakistan on the international ground when nobody could have imagined doing so. The duo has proved that it only takes effort and courage to bring about change. Nazia’s ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ was featured in a bollywood movie ‘Qurbani’, which still gets into remixes by a bundle of Indian singers. Duh! (Let’s just consider it as a tribute to her from them.)

Although, the trend of lawyers turning singers is old, obviously Nazia started it. You cannot blame Ali Noor, but Nazia was eclectic. It takes a lot of effort to study law, while you have an interest in music and you want to do social work too.

Rightly said in Punjabi, “EDI TU MULTITALENTED”

Her talent did not only stay put to singing but she acted in some of her videos too. Whether it be the pink frilly long gowned Nazia in “Ankhen Milaney Waley” or the brown blue jean-ed Nazia in “Disco Deewane”, she flaunted the best of her skills and performances in all her videos too.

She has won many awards including Pride of Performance, Double Platinum Award, Golden Disc Award and a Filmfare Award. Yes, the award Fawad Khan won last year, but she won it in a female playback singer’s category. She is the first, the only and the youngest to win the award by now. Kudos to the lady! She has definitely made a mark. For singers today, it is one of the biggest issues to release a single. While she has released 5 albums within a span of 15 years from 1980 to 1995 when back in nineties music was known to a few people. It is not just luck that makes you successful; it takes talent, hard work and effort.

I’d prefer not judging Hasan for her secret marriage because then I’ll have to judge her for keeping her cancer a secret too. A lady with elegance, talent and grace, a rare combination and a real treat to ears; what gives me or anybody else the right to peer into her personal life while she wanted to keep it to herself?

When she died, Pakistan lost one of its most precious assets. For those who can understand, it was the demise of Pop music culture in Pakistan for nobody can ever deny the fact that Nazia and Zohaib Hassan were the pioneers of Pop Music in Pakistan.

The nation hasn’t forgotten her and it never will. Always remembered, always cherished, Nazia lives in the nation’s hearts – today and always.