Celebrating Second Anniversary of “Press Club”

Press Club, for its poignant and edgy debates about the current affairs has achieved a well known reputation amongst listeners. The show centers News and issues of daily life. The host, Mr. Imtiaz Khan Faran (Former President, Karachi Press Club) discusses the ongoing scenarios of the country with the participants who usually are either senior Journalists or analysts from the major media houses. The participants share their views on and about all the hot topics and affairs of the society. The show gets into a heated debate and turns out to be giving solutions to the issues being faced by the inhabitants. Mr. Yasir Qazi, the Executive Producer of the show, hosts the show in the absence of Imtiaz Khan Faran.

In last two years, Press Club has showcased numerous issues out of which many were completely ignored by the government. But, after Press Club highlighted those issues, the government had no other choice than to give ears to them. Press club has triumphantly pushed The Government of Sindh and The Federal government into solving tremendous problems existing around. After the criticism about Thar crisis in the show, the CM Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah Sahab was pressurized into visiting the victims for the first time during the disaster. Thar Development Authority (TDA) was also formed to address the drought situation in the desert. A distribution of Wheat Bags (free of cost) among the victims of Thar drought was held in 2014.

Ansoo Bai, handicapped girl from Thar was given recognition for her 2 decades long services in the field of Education, She was running a home based school on her own, without getting any remuneration. Press Club displayed the figure for her services in education. Later on, the Education minister of Sindh, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro visited her personally in Thar and appointed her as a government teacher and converted her home-based school into an institute working under the government of Sindh. Sindh Assembly then invited and organized a session to applaud Ansoo Bai’s efforts.

Several ghost schools were opened and/or given furniture and building, and numerous villages were given electricity and gas connections due to the noble attempts made by the participants of the show.

Recently, Hotfm 105 celebrated the second anniversary of the show. A cake cutting ceremony was held on air to extol the efforts of its host and participants.

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The participants were:

Muhammad Imtiaz Khan Faran  Host of the show (Former President, KarachiPress Club)
Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Patron of the show
Khursheed Ahmed Abbasi Analyst/Participant (Secretary General)
Altaf Mujahid Analyst/Participant (Senior Journalist from Daily “Nawaa’ey Waqt”)
Dr. Ali Rind Analyst/Participant (Editor, Fortnightly “Affair” Magazine)
Rashid Noor Analyst/Participant (Senior Journalist from Daily “Nawaa’ey Waqt”)
Durdana Shahab Analyst/Participant (Editor, Monthly “Sutoor” Magazine)
Aslam Morai Former Host/Analyst
Yasir Qazi Executive Producer
Yasmin Tauha (Senior Journalist, Monthly “Sutoor” Magazine)
Shabbir Soomro (Sub Editor, Daily “Nai Baat”)
Fawzia Khan (Senior Educationist & Analyst)

The day stood as a milestone for Hotfm 105, Mr Imtiaz Khan Faran and all the participants as for it will always be remembered as a symbol of nobility and achievement for everybody.