Bachaana – 2016



When Pakistani taxi driver living in Mauritius bumps into newly married Indian bride whose husband tries to use her for drug trafficking a journey take place, it takes an on-rush empty street chase, betrayal, shoot-outs, police raids andgeneral life clumsiness for him to realizeshe may be the woman of his dreams.

The film starts with a chase sequence, which goes in flashback where director Nasir Khan paints a stunning picture of Mauritius landscape while exploring the human need for compassion, which transcend borders. Bachaana has strong comic/romantic undertones and a cheerful, playful tone that makes the violence seem almost inconsequential. And despite the body count, there’s very little blood or gore. Expect plenty of flirting between stars Vicky (Mohib) and Aaila (Sanam)

Vicky is a smart, emotional, mildly ambitious Pakistani cab driver with shrugging realization oh his situation. Sanam is newly wed, out spoken, Indian girl with dreams of bright future.

In these roles Mohib is brilliant and sanam is likewise – they are a great match and fit their characters perfectly. Also good to see Adeel Hashmi trying to explore his acting skills as a villain.

Director Nasir Khan tells a story of a boy meets girl in a romcom thriller and does it pretty well. He successfully creates anticipation, paranoia, surprise; comic relives and most importantly keeps a smile on audience face throughout the film.


It’s funny, well-scripted, and the casting and acting is excellent, Watch it with your partner if u looking for halki phulki complete tafreeh.