10 Things You didn’t Know About Kishore Kumar

Today we celebrate the 85th birthday of the singer, Kishore Kumar. The singing legend gave us innumerable hit melodies in his career spanning for decades. Even after 26 years of his demise, his melodies are still thoroughly enjoyed by all the music lovers.

Below are 10 things not everyone knows about the famous Kishore Kumar.


  1. Winning the Filmfare award eight times, the man now has an award named after him. ‘The Kishore Kumar’ award is commemorated by the Madhya Pradesh government.
  2. The legendary singer married four times in his life. Out of which two of them ended up in divorces.
  3. Leading a solitary life, Kishore Kumar did not have many friends, which is not a surprise. Thus he called trees his closest buddies.
  4. Initially, before he started play back singing, Kishore Kumar used to imitate the style of K.L Saigal. It was S.D Burman who advised him to develop his own style.
  5. Also, Kishore Kumar stopped singing for Mithan Chakraborty for some time as his third divorced wife, Yogeeta Bali married the actor. However he could not do that for long.
  6. Kishore Kumar’s marriage to Madhubala in 1958 was highly opposed by his family.
  7. He perfected the yodeling style of singing. A unique style he learned from Australian music.
  8. Rajesh Khanna and Rahul Dev Burman were two of the only closest people to Kishore Kumar.
  9. Kishore Kumar died on his brother’s birthday from a heart attack, prior to which he wanted to Khandwa, his native place.
  10. As fate had it, Kishore Kumar’s last song was sung for Mithan Chakarborty, alongside Asha Bhosle.

The talent of Kishore Kumar can be figured from the fact that he excelled not only as a singer but also actor, lyricist, producer, composer and writer. He truly is a pride for the Indian cinema and today on his birthday we pay tribute to him.


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